Founded by a group of teachers in 2016. CodeShala was one of the earliest initiatives to teach kids coding in India. Started as offline coding classes in Delhi/NCR, now Codeshala has more than 15000 students and 20 centres all around the world. and numbers are only growing.

Our Team is dedicated to our cause of teaching code to the oncoming generations of kids.Our teaching personnel includes highly experienced educators who make coding for kids fun and engaging!




Codeshala’s vision is to make coding available for kids all around this country and to make it easily accessible and fun to learn.

We envision a global playful learning experience where the next generations of coders are born and raised through an engaging platform for the oncoming generation where programming knowledge is acquired alongside 21st-century skills through collaborative learning and solving puzzles, inventing, and sharing.   



Our Curriculum

Five years of tried and tested research has given birth to this curriculum. Our online coding classes for kids are designed with hands-on learning projects that they truly enjoy! From the first day henceforth your kids will indulge in the process of coding and creating projects. The curriculum provides proper guidance for developing and publishing their projects. Every coding class in a course builds on the one before it, meaning that students graduate with a vast mastery of coding skills and a portfolio full of cool, working web pages and apps.


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What parents say

One of the best place to learn coding for kids above the age of 6. These guys provide all kind of courses for every age group. Their courses include scratch, MIT App Inventor, HTML, Python, Java, C++ and many more. They even help kids go through there hectic school curriculum.

  • P
    Prashant Kumar

  • I am very happy with the way they teach children.

  • S
    Shivani Marwah

  • Really satisfied and very happy with Codeshala team. Wonderful, experienced and friendly teaching faculty. Will strongly recommend

  • R
    Rekha Gupta

  • My son has been doing coding modules with Codeshala for a while now. He has always enjoyed the classes thoroughly and has learned a lot. The last few months, we have had the teacher coming home once a week for classes- we are very happy with this and the people running the show are flexible and it is easy to reschedule if something urgent comes up.

  • N
    Nimeran Singh

  • I am availing the services of CodeShala for my child, and am very happy with its professionalism and thoroughness. The Gaming and the App-development modules in particular are too good. The owners, Ms Nishita and Mr Pavan, make these contemporary must-know features quite easy to understand, and fun, too.

  • G
    Gaurav Dinesh Jain

  • Codeshala teachers are excellent. They Know how to keep up the kids’ interest and make learning fun and easy! My child has been learning for over a year now and wants to continue.

  • A
    Anjali Chadha

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